Air Freight

How does this Air Cargo Service work?

Step 1 – Get a quote

You can either use our Online Quote service or call us or email us for a quick quote.

 Step 2 – Make a reservation

To reserve a console for your shipment, we need the following details:

  • Name and address of the shipper.
  • Name and address of the Consignee.
  • Dead Weigh of the box.
  • Service Required: Door to Door / Air port to Airport / Door to Air Port / Air Port to Door
  • Dimensions of the box (cm): H x W x L – If you are unsure about the exact dimensions of your cargo, you can give us approximate dimensions.
  • This will cost you a further £1.50 as we then have to request our Airline to measure your cargo once it is delivered to their warehouse.
  • If the difference between approx dimensions and actual dimensions is more, you have to pay the difference
  • (Please note that the shipment will not be sent until you have paid the full amount) – If the difference is less, we will refund you the excess.

Step 3 – Pickup, label and drop off at the airport

We will schedule a date and time to pick up the cargo.You can deliver this yourself at one of the Airline warehouses closer to you.

Please make sure that your parcel is clearly marked with the following details on ALL the parcels

  • HAWB : Eg:
  • Booking Ref : Eg:
  • MAWB : Eg:
  • Destination : Eg: Port, County
  • Total Number of Pieces shown on each package – Example 1/5, 2/5…5/5

You will have these details once you have completed Step 1.To professionally label your boxes/cargo, it will cost you £1.50 per package.

Step 4 – Shipment loaded on the airline

Shipment is screened, security-checked and loaded on to the flight console.

Step 5 – Collection at the destination

Consignee will collect shipment at the destination depends on the sservice (port-to-port /door-to-door/door-to-port /port – to- door).